Job Vacancy

Tank Farm Operator

Tank Farm Operator

Key Duties & Responsibilities

  • Maintains tank farm and all tank farm accessories.
  • Ensures compliance with safety and quality policies and standards. Carries out prescribed quality checks on products and updates all quality check forms.Take dips of storage tanks and Bowsers. Loads Bowser and keeps records of stock movement.
  • Prepares daily stock report. Updates the daily inventory reconciliation template.
  • Ensures all in coming trucks are dipped and discharged with right quantity and quality of ATK in accordance with safety regulations.
  • Takes early morning dip of both the PMS and AGO tanks and prepares the stock. Report abnormalities
  • Performs early morning routine drain of aviation storage tanks. Carries out constant draining of filter vessels.
  • Dispenses PMS and AGO to customers and records sales on the PMS and AGO sales register.
  • Receives the right quality and quantity of PMS and AGO into storage tanks from trucks.
  • Updates the account balance of PMS and AGO contract customers.


  • Minimum requirement:  3 years of technical experience, preferably at least one in the Oil Industry